Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Stuck @ KLIA

I was supposed to be in Bangalore for FOSS.IN about 5 hours ago. The Malaysia Airlines flight out of KLIA to BLR was first delayed and then postponed to the next day, because of various reasons (depending on which member of the staff you asked) ranging from the usual technical difficulties to BLR not have free parking bays (which is actually believable heh).

After landing here at 1945 local time, the 250-300 odd folks going to BLR waited for over 3.5 hours before transport arrived to take us to a hotel for the night. I shall break here to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Malaysia Airlines for giving me one very good reason why I'll think a zillion times before flying with them again.

I got to the Hotel at 0110, and left (after eating, sleeping, showering) at 0500. Back at the airport now, and it seems like the BLR flight is finally leaving at 0800 local time (a little over 50 mins from now).

KLIA is huge. But I can't understand how they won the best airport award, if things like their main display systems show outdated and stale information.

The free WiFi is cool though. It's open, so I'm tunneling over SSH. Maybe I'll write up on how that can be done later.

Time for the flight...seeya in BLR :) And if you're one of those lazy (insert words of choice here) and haven't yet registered for FOSS.IN, then Clicky!
Tags: delays, klia, kuala lumpur, malaysia, malaysia airlines, mh, travel

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