Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Why I like IRC ;)

Short chat in #gentoo-doc on freenode...

<@fox2mike> rane: ping
<@rane> what's up?
<@fox2mike> if I'm lucky
<@fox2mike> I'll be seeing Sharapova at the Australian Open
<@fox2mike> I'm leaving for Australia in 2 days :p
<@rane> oh damn
<@rane> i hope you plane breaks
<@rane> :-)

And a few days ago...

fox2mike/Gaim: and then, I'm going to the australian open
Sandy: wow
fox2mike/Gaim: thursday - both morning and evening sessions
Sandy: dont stare too much
fox2mike/Gaim: sat - ladies final
fox2mike/Gaim: :D
fox2mike/Gaim: I'll try maga
fox2mike/Gaim: I promise I will try :p
Sandy: hope sharapova loses in first round
Sandy: and the williams sisters enter the finals
Sandy: :P
fox2mike/Gaim: F*CK you

Yup. Feel the luvvvvvvv!
Tags: australia, australian open 2008, gentoo, irc, travel

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