Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
Shyam Mani

Marina Bay Street Circuit

Start-Finish straight, again., originally uploaded by fox2mike.

In a week from now, Formula1 cars will line up along this very stretch to kick off the Singtel Singapore Grand Prix and create history.

I spent around 2 hours walking around the circuit yesterday and took a few snaps.

All the photos are handheld. No tripod or monopod. The lights are really quite bright as you can see :)

A few interesting things : BMW Sauber stuff, Turn 19 - where the cars go under the grandstands, Digiflags and concrete protective barriers.

For the rest of the snaps, clicky!

Tags: f1, formula1, marina bay street circuit, singapore, singapore grand prix, singtel singapore grand prix 2008, sports
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