January 12th, 2004


Another Day in (Paradise????)

I should say am almost done with Gentoo, except for Thunderbird (which for some wild reason starts up Mozilla). I don't think I'm going to emerge the source as its too much a drain on my bandwidth.

MySQL, Apache, xmms, LogJam are done. Quanta refuses to compile without kde headers (first it refused to compile without qt). So for now, Quanta's out of the the window. I'll switch to FC 1 for mail till I get TB working here. Solved the fat problem, it needed a umask value as well. Then discovered that I couldn't su. It kept saying "Sorry" & then figured out that in Gentoo to have access to su (the easy way) you'd have to be a part of the group "wheel". There are other more slightly painful ways which I won't bother going into for now.

Saw Bollywood/Hollywood on Star Movies. rythm & myself had planned a LONG time back to catch this movie (when it was in the theaters) but by the time we'd made up our mind it wasn't running anywhere. Lisa Ray is breathtaking. Well she always was...but then... Sheeeesh.

At the end of it all I realised it was a Deepa Mehta movie (I'd promised myself that I won't watch any of her movies) but this one was pretty nice.
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YAWD (Yet Another Wasted Day)

Well not exactly a waste.... Thunderbird worked on Gentoo, so that's one of the major issues solved :) louiswu would make a wonderful salesperson. If he likes something, he'll go to great lengths to canvas for it. Did lots of things with Enlightenment today & in the end switched back to Gnome. Enlightenment doesn't seem stable enough for me & unless I can get themes working properly, I'm not switching to Enlightenment.

Got a few plugins for gkrellm (HDDtemp, Seti@Home, MoonClock). Quadra refused to compile (another thing i'll have to look into)

Started out with a bit of Linux Kernel Internals for the exam. No fun learning about the 2.2 Kernel when your using the 2.6.1-rc3 ;) I'm stuck at the Task Structure (didn't make an effort to go beyond that) & so that's as good as nothing done for the day. I'll do some Advanced Comp Architecture tomorrow, if I don't go to sleep after the first couple of pages.
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