April 21st, 2004


There's always a first time....

Yup, I exercised my right to vote yesterday & feels nice to know that I have a part (albeit a minor one) in deciding who comes to power at the Center & the State. Not that it will make a huge difference as long as the current breed of politicians continue to remain in our country.

We had a Polling Station dedicated to our apartment complex, which was cool. And it ensured we didn't have to stand in long snaking queues (there were huge ones in 4th block & a couple of other places). The guy at the place didn't even bother to check my ID. He just checked to see if my name was on the list & said "Mundhe hogi saar". Yeah right. There were 2 EVMs. One on the right for the Lok Sabha & the one on the left for the Vidhan Sabha. 2 beeps later, I was done.

Oh & I had one thing in common with mom yesterday. We both cast our vote for the first time ;)
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