July 3rd, 2004


Our Prez Rules :)

Earlier on BLUG Non Tech, now on Slashdot (Original source for both, The Hindu Online. Article here) all I have to say is our prez simply rulez :D Why don't we have more leaders like this man?? He should be the PM, not the Prez....

Of course on the other end of the spectrum we have the US prez, George W Bush. All I can do when I can think of this chap now is laugh. I wonder how much of Fahrenheit 9/11 (link takes you to the transcript, part 1/2), a documentary film by Michael Moore is true. When Condoleeza Rice appeared before the 9/11 committee, she basically had no answers as to why action wasn't taken on a report she received on the 7th, just a couple of days before the attacks. She claimed action was initiated, but couldn't substantiate it.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is something I'll try not to miss. For whatever its worth.
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Maria Sharapova & other stories

In a few words : Today was the perfect day, or atleast very close to it.

First up, we (rattle_snake & myself) just got a step closer to employment. I'm still not actually believing the fact that we have been offered a job at Sify. theju's off to Applibase from Monday, louiswu's off to Synopsys, prikansaritual's already working for Deccanet & erhgyx for LG. rythm should have some good news from TCS sometime soon. The Future's Bright, The Future's not Orange, but a nice lil spectrum.

Fooled around most of the day in the office, with every second person asking for a treat. I think we'll get cleaned at Sify itself. And then there's the gang of friends.... Left for the day & on the way back, there was a pretty heavy traffic jam on KG Road. Stuck in that was an Ambulance desperately trying to get someone to hospital. Most of the traffic made way, except for one foolish Auto driver & the Ambulance just touched the Auto & the auto driver got down & picked up a fight with the Ambulance chap. He didn't stop until people started shouting at him to shut up & give way. Grade A Asshole would probably be too mild a term for him but for the sake of this journal, that'll do.

Maria Sharapova. All of 17, beating Serena Williams, comprehensively. w00t!! ^:)^ I'm just wondering who her inspiration is....
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