March 23rd, 2005



Got a pair of Nike Air Max Assail 2, Twilight Blue/Anthracite-varsity maize shade shoes yesterday. According to the site, the shoe is

For the trail runner who needs a neutral shoe that can cut it in the rough stuff: Great cushion, traction and protection for all conditions.

Large-volume Air-Sole unit provides plush cushioning in the heel.

Hehe. Okay, I'm not a trail runner....hell I'm not even a runner. But then partly because of the shoes and mostly because for need of regular exercise, I started jogging today. For the first time in a long time, got up by 0555 and was out jogging from 0615 to 0635. I'm in a seriously fscked up state. Stamina at 0. Need to change all that now.

The shoe is awesome. So far I've used both Adidas and Nike, the latter more than the former. I like both, but can't stand Reebok :p

Jogging has to continue. This probably also means sleep early and get up early...

Off to do other stuff now :)
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From Miguel's blog :

Francisco, one of Mono's key contributors lost his son in Iraq yesterday while he was on a patrol operation.

This entry that Francisco made (link from Miguel's blog again) in his blog can't be described with words. I'm too stunned to react. He is a very brave man. May his son's soul rest in peace and may all the bloody needless wars on the planet come to an end.
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