October 13th, 2005


Rainy Road Tales

Two random incidents that happened in the last couple of weeks when I was driving.

1) I'm driving from office to a place nearby for a Lunch treat. It's raining like crazy and the road is completely wet and slushy. I overtake this white Hyundai Accent and about a kilometer and a half ahead, come to a standstill waiting for a signal. Our pal with his family in the Hyundai pulls up next to me and starts gesticulating wildly. I roll down my window and ask him what he wants. He says in this really desperate tone (while his son is giving me this "OMG! you murderer!!!" look)...."You splashed mud over my car..." and my instantaneous reply was "So? What do you expect me to do when it's raining" at which point the signal turned green and I sped off. Guys like this shouldn't be driving on the roads. They can sit in their car and be transported by truck wherever they want to go.

2) I'm driving back home from the office and again it's pouring quite heavily. I'm making a right turn when the guy-on-a-hero-honda-who-thinks-he-is-valentino-rossi decides to overtake, from the right. Right at the turn he manages to pull off the overtaking fine...but there's trouble ahead. Our Rossi dude doesn't see the median up in front of him and decides that he will take the path of righteousness, i.e.; the center-line. There are instances in life when you realise something is going to happen and yet feel powerless to stop it. This was one. Surely. I just knew he was going to hit the median. And right on cue, he does. Bravo rossi, Bravo. He's on the side of oncoming traffic, his bike is slightly broken and on the median. I stop the car in the middle of the road, put on the hazard lights and ask him if he's okay. He gives me this dirty I-should-not-have-overtaken-you-like-that grin and says he's fine (and by this time he's already on his feet and so is his bike). I give him some instant gyan on how he should watch out for medians and drive away.

Cars and Bikes or any motorised vehicle for that matter are killing machines. It is up to the driver to make sure of his safety and of the others around him on the road, when driving.