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After quite a gap, I have gone back to reading a few books lately. The Wheel of Time, Book 1 -> The Eye of the World was an amazing experience. Found the first half too similar to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings..but after that it was nice.

Another book I finished today was Avenger by Fredrick Forsyth. I must admit, am a huge Forsyth fan & have read almost all his books (other then the Biafra Story, Great Flying Stories & The Phantom of Manhattan). Avenger deals with current events & he's linked it up in a way to 9/11 2001. There was a huge mistake in the book though.. it referred to an F-16 Tomcat. F-14s are Tomcats & F-16s are the Falcons. Oh & its not the first time he's mentioning the fighters.. Fist of God had both the F-14s & the F-16s.

Which then brings me to the point... how many of you read books regularly ? and can you afford the prices in India ?
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