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Day One

I've decided to reconstruct the events of Day One here, in a timestamped format. Thought that would be best in the long run ;) Met mannu at last!!!. Also met kalyan, Harald Welte. Saw Rasmus Lerdorf, Jeremy Zawdny, Nat Freidman, Miguel de Icaza...

0615 : We met at my place, so that we could reach IISc at 0645. Found out that eets just work up @ we're late

0703 : Made it on time to IISc, & as expected prady nowhere to be seen :) So we won the bet!!!

0730 : Fired up the Registration Machines... & opened up the counters, 3 in all.

0745-1110 : Delegate Registrations, Full swing :) Man that was really hectic. Someone told us we averaged at about 8 seconds a person.. which is FAST!!!

1110-1130 : Late breakfast ???? We were the last two & the counter was kept open for us ;) An exhibitor actually came up & said " You guys must be having a very early Lunch or a very late Breakfast".

1130-1330 : Back to registrations....managed to meet kalyan at the Yahoo! Stall in between

1330-1430 : Manned the front Helpdesk/Press Registrations. Then went for lunch in turns.

1450-1800 : Manned the front Helpdesk. Took breaks in between, snuck into Nat Freidman's amazing talk, stayed for about 7-8 mins before coming back to the desk ;)

1830-2000 : Saw Revolution OS. Pretty nice...was like seeing the movie of the book "Free for All" by Peter Wayner. Had a volunteer meet to delegate responsibilities for tomorrow & then returned home.

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