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Day Two

Today was by far an amazing day, really good speakers... Started off with Bdale Garbee, Currently the CTO of HP's OpenSource division former project lead for the Debain Linux distro (2002). Now that was followed by Miguel de Icaza who had an amazing talk on Mono. Mono in short the open source version of Microsoft .NET & then there was our guru & god (well almost) Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, currently working at Yahoo!. Just before Lerdorf's talk, we found out that LB/2003 had been "Slashdotted".

Its pretty obvious that if you are on Slashdot,you are something the world will know & recognise & today we made that grade :)
Here's the slashdot article. (pretty short, but thats how slashdot posts are)

Oh & after that we got out T-Shirts signed by Jeremy Zawdony(Working with Yahoo!, MySQL), Rasmus, Harald Welte who is just about 24 years old, is one of the 5 core iptables members & currently the Linux 2.4.x firewalling maintainer. In simple terms that means that the iptables parts in your Linux systems (RHL 9) was mostly apporved by this guy. Wow is all I can say. And since we manned JN Tata for the PHP sessions, tariquesani was kind enough to give us all cool PHP T-Shirts :)

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