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Windoze sucks...

I think I have finally learnt a very good lesson on why not to depend on Windows. For over two years I used to sorta defend Windows over Linux whenever I used to have an argument with louiswu. I really don't think I am going to do that anymore.

I finally got DIAS :) 128 kbps of pure joy at home without a freaking high phone bill :) The only downside is that I can't do anything which exceeds 500 MB a month, or I have to end up paying 120 bucks per 100 MB after that.

The whole problem started when windows refused to install drivers for my Netgear Ethernet card (which I bought today rather yesterday now for 375 bucks). The guys who had to setup the DIAS equipment came over at that exact point of time, so I decided to switch to Linux & bingo... card gets picked up, Network gets configured & no problems whatsoever.

I did try to get the thing working in Windows, with all the things that can be done humanely to the system...to no avail. The error was simply "Error. Can't find required file" or something similar. louiswu did come over & try to help out & he didn't have any luck either. We finally discovered that the driver install system was zonked out for good...& since dad uses windows, I sat & did a re-install.

As of now, most of the system is back up, got 35 MB of Service Pack 4 as well...& download speeds are between the 11.9 to 18.4 kbps mark. Still have to get Apache & ActivePerl along with MySQL up to work on project tomm.

PS: louiswu added the image maps to http://accosted.net ;) (too many louiswu's in one post...dang it)

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