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Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow)

Finally, after some difficulty managed to get Fedora up. Apparently firstboot doesn't like me or my system very much, so started hanging on me. Fedora started up & then hung everytime at the point just after X started up & was showing all the usual [OK]s in a nice graphical format.

Went to rescue mode & edited inittab to runlevel 3 & bang she starts up like a beauty. And then came the Network problem ;) I had configured the card during install..seems that wasn't enough. Had to run redhat-config-network & that didn't do the trick either. I bagan to wonder if DIAS had gone down when I decided to run netconfig & then a service network restart later, had Internet back up. Grrrrr. Now if only I can Thunderbird back up on her feet..... ;)

I guess Devdas was right when he said "Fedora is Beta, keep upgrading it & it should be fine".
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