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ntpd (sucks or what) phpMyAdmin (rulez)

After trying like nuts to get ntpd working (yeah am one of those freaks who loves to have my time synched, all the clocks in my room are in sync always) I gave up today. The ntpdate command (the one I need) won't work come what may. All it says is "Error connecting to Server". Read up stuff on a few mailing lists....& all of them said it was the firewall. Shutdown iptables & still the same. I was reading up some more stuff on ntpd (one final time) & chanced upon rdate. Problem solved. Put rdate in a cron script & now my comp is synced to a timeserver somewhere in the US.

phpMyAdmin rulez. Really neat interface and an amazing piece of software. Surely makes life with MySQL way easier.

I have two things to do for two people in the USA. a) Help a newbie install Linux & b) Setup up an EMS Database system. Both are going to be fun :) I should be finishing them before the exams....

I also take back everything bad I ever said about Unified Messengers. I hate to say this but Yahoo! Messenger for Linux is becoming SO much of a pain to use. Just keeps logging out on every message I try to send. gaim has improved a lot over the last version I saw (quite sometime back). I guess its got to do with the fact the gaim is opensource & Yahoo! IM is not. (hey kalyan & mmk all that "Open Source, Open Minds" is only for the Yahoo! T-Shirts ???? lol)

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