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Note to self : On Linux... always check to see if something that doesn't work has the permissions it needs. One perl script just got me all worked up for 45 mins trying to figure out what the hell was wrong & louiswu walks in... sets the perms right & we're back in business.

A.A's been really nice to us over the past few days. He's got Cable Internet at his place now, & due to some *minor* issues, the Internet chap gave him a line without any filters on it. As of now, he's maxing the line out at about 200 kbps, sustained (download speed). He's done getting the Gentoo Stages 1,2 & 3 for us (Pentium 3 guys) & is currently doing the Athlon XP ones ;) Queued up next are NeverWinter Nights and Hidden & Dangerous 2, not to forget the never seen before Matrix Trailer. I wonder what else to ask for...

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