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Network Programming Lab, CS7L5

In all my years as a student, this lab was the *only* one where the external didn't know a word on the subject. He was nodding his head for the sake of it & didn't even bother to see the projects properly. And he was more interested in the match than the exam....... & he's a lecturer someplace, earning for knowing nothing about computers. Overall I think I scored so many brownie points with him for keeping him updated on the match score... he had a cell but didn't want to waste money on SMS. I had dad's & well...the office took care of the few (read 10) SMS messages that went out to 500 & 8888. He thanked me profusely at the end of the lab though, for all the SMS messages that went out.

India just kicked some Brett Lee & Steve Waugh all over the SCG :) I just hope they go on & win this match.

Still need to clean up mp3dbase, but too bugged to work on it now. Found out the time server I was using was messing up time, so switched to Wondering if I should write a n00b guide to install & use Linux.....

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