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LANG=en_IN ./thunderbird

Spent the last almost 3 hours trying to figure out how to change the Date format in Mozilla Thunderbird & then tried to look up how to create a locale (which made things even worse). I finally posted on the MozillaZine Forums asking how to change the format of the date. TIll I get a reply LANG=en_IN ./thunderbird works fine with a warning saying " Locale not found in Xlib, Locale modifiers not set".

The Date format is now Monday 05 January 2004 followed by the timestamp (which feels so much more better than the earlier month/day/year format). Funny how i've been using TB for so long & yet felt bugged about the format only today.

I hope the Aussies are made to follow on :) Will teach them a lesson or two on keeping traps shut before matches. I was also wondering... what is the highest ever score made by a team in Australia in a single innings ?

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