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Of javac & #!/usr/bin/perl

Off we go tomorrow to show our Java & CGI projects. Heard its the same examiner as our Network Lab so here's praying for an Indian victory as rythm rightly pointed out. Dad's phone shall be put to good use tomorrow :)

I'm too bugged to take backups on CD as am taking the comp to college anyway. Thanks to harry & rythm (in part) I have 3 J2SDK's on Windows, 2 of 1.4.2_02 & 1 of 1.4.1_01. Two of which will go out of the comp tomorrow. Somehow, parts of our project messes up on 1.4.2, so if we want to show the thing'll have to be on 1.4.1 tomorrow.

No luck on the Date format in TB, on the verge of giving up.

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