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Gentoo, Stage 1

Since louiswu ain't going to be getting a new HDD sometime soon & herculesksp is busy with his practicals (will call him up tomm), I decided to start off on Gentoo today.

Had to move my /boot to a seperate partition, so as to ensure that I can use one GRUB for all my OSes. Even though dad has now started using Fedora Core 1 quite frequently & getting along fine, Windows 2000 shall remain on the system. Also had to switch one of NTFS partitions to FAT32 so that I have write access from Linux.

louiswu came over to my place at about 1445 & we moved /boot to its new home & started the Gentoo install. I have decided to log the whole process & shall be putting up my "gentoo-log" on my website as it seemed just too big to be put in here (its already 72 lines, timestamped). And not to forget, Gentoo has this kickass framebuffer console for its installer (I just have some soft corner for framebuffer consoles lol)

The Install's going along fine. Right now gcc is being built as I write this & after that it'll re-build gettext. Then its onto Stage 2.

links ROCKS n RULEZ ;) Its been keeping me company all along the install & I've been able to check BattleMaster (I did have problems with BM) & LJ. In fact am posting this message using links :) so I'm hoping it comes out fine.

popcorn09, when you read this, please post a note on WiredCafe (coz I can't access the site thru links, it says you need Javascript) telling them about the install & that I won't be online/accessing emails & that I'll get back to emails ASAP. Thanks tons :)

Thats all for now, I won't be checking email or IM till Gentoo is up & running & I'll post status updates on the install here anyway.

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