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Gentoo, Stage 2

Stage 1 took a nice 15 hours, 23 minutes to complete. After re-building glibc & gcc a couple of times.

Stage 2 is now on emerge system . After this its on to Stage 3. Had a minor hiccup though when emerge refused to continue without I was really surprised to see that Java docs was being installed as part of the "base" system, along with the shell... wonder why. Anyways, I didn't have the 1.4.1 docs, so went over to louiswu & got his 1.4.2 docs & renamed it (clever me, but hey Gentoo's way ahead). It neatly said "Checksums don't match" so in the end I had to set a -doc to my USE flags & continue.

Its installing perl as I write this...I didn't take the option of building perl with threading support coz I don't think I'll even be using it.

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