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Stage 2 & am Stuck :)

Well, nothing happens "smooooothly" so to speak :) iputils on Stage 2 gave tons of errors then quit, tried solving em without luck. So I just posted to BLUG Tech & gentoo. Here's the problem I am facing.

Now to sit back & wait for help, googling didn't help (in fact google didn't like me for the latter half of yesterday). DIAS was down again (Intl Gateway problems) & so I couldn't post anything yesterday night.

Back to FC 1 for now.

Update : Seems I stumbled upon a really cool bug LOL. This problem was fixed about 12 hours ago on CVS. Here's the bug report on I'll try it out after lunch.

Update @ 1322 : emerge sync got me the updated .ebuild script & iputils compiled flawlessly:). Going on strong in Stage 2 now.

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