Shyam Mani (fox2mike) wrote,
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YAWD (Yet Another Wasted Day)

Well not exactly a waste.... Thunderbird worked on Gentoo, so that's one of the major issues solved :) louiswu would make a wonderful salesperson. If he likes something, he'll go to great lengths to canvas for it. Did lots of things with Enlightenment today & in the end switched back to Gnome. Enlightenment doesn't seem stable enough for me & unless I can get themes working properly, I'm not switching to Enlightenment.

Got a few plugins for gkrellm (HDDtemp, Seti@Home, MoonClock). Quadra refused to compile (another thing i'll have to look into)

Started out with a bit of Linux Kernel Internals for the exam. No fun learning about the 2.2 Kernel when your using the 2.6.1-rc3 ;) I'm stuck at the Task Structure (didn't make an effort to go beyond that) & so that's as good as nothing done for the day. I'll do some Advanced Comp Architecture tomorrow, if I don't go to sleep after the first couple of pages.
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