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Of Trips & Tribulations

rhytm seems so excited by the prospect of visiting Madras. He's gone into overdrive concerning the trip & if it weren't for the exams, he seems ready to leave right away.

VOMM is the 4 letter code allocated to the Madras International Airport by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). There are three ways in which stations are identified as mentioned here. Two of the three ways are international & the third is US specific (done by the FAA). gweather & gkrellm-weather both depend on the 4 letter ICAO station code to pick up weather. Although Bangalore has an International Airport (Don't even get me started on how pathetic the airport is, when compared to truly International ones like Changi or the Dubai International Airport. In fact I can't even compare...the one we have in bangalore is a matchbox) it does not have an ICAO station code (places like Congo & Central African Republic have it & the Silicon Valley of India doesn't). Hence I'm seeing how Madras is doing weather wise on my desktop.

Maybe I should go see how I can make these things pick up the weather using the WMO station codes...

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