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Went along with rythm & Harry to book the tickets for the Madras trip. Advanced booking makes life so much more easier & so does the Southern Railway website. We found out that there were about 600 odd seats available, so getting the tickets was never a problem. The 4th block Reservation counter was functioning at a very decent pace, so much so that we were at the counter just 20 minutes after entering at the back of the queue...

The dog Hewitt won, & India managed to hold onto their nerves ;) I'd given up hope...but then good work boys. Keep it going.

Also I was wondering... I may push for a digital camera (since dad's interested in one) Any Suggestions ?? I'm looking for a good model, with nice features. Of course there is a price constraint so seems the Nikon 5700 Coolpix is out ;) But I'd be glad to have some sort of advice on this, since there are SO many models on the market.

PS : If I get it, it will be through Dubai, not buying it here.
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