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What utter crap...

It is complete crap articles like this one in the Economic Times that are total, complete utter crap or sound like Pro Microsoft propaganda. "What is hidden in Open Linux" is the title of the article, written by one Sanjay Anand. Although I have nothing personal against him, I'd like to talk to this guy sometime about whether he's even tried using a computer, let alone something other than Winblows.

Just today, after the exam louiswu, prikansaritual & myself were having this discussion about IIIT-B and its principal, Prof. S Sadagopan. The article says:

On the future of open source software, IIIT Bangalore director S Sadagopan said that academic institutions would continue to use it; it is healthy but would continue to be a marginal player and people would realise that there is nothing free about it.

What is not free about it ? Something I'm missing here ???

Another line in the article says:

They listed how they faced difficulties working on Unix / Linux and losing their mails or getting them “after 22 days” and how their lives have been changed for the better by getting back to Microsoft products.

OMG, Unix/Linux ate up all their emails. Aaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkk call the cops!!!!!.

If you're writing something, make sure you have your facts right. Else don't write for the sake of writing something. Atleast the impression I get about the whole Times Group is that their reports are all tech-challenged & they never get their facts straight. If they called Anonymizer a Trojan Horse... I sure am expecting a LOT from them.

PS: The exam was pretty good.

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