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ERA & Federer

ERA is amazing. Serves the purpose of having to catalogue your stuff very well. A Huge round of applause & thanks to louiswu, its creator, for giving it to me before what shall I say, releasing it on his website & for making it . I'm sure he'll be completely modest & all, so I thought I'll tell the world about ERA :) Oh & I've started tweaking it a bit...

Got Shock & Mutation by Robin Cook, from the ERA guy (Nice name). Its very hard to have a book & not read it (unless its something like Distributed Systems or Linux Kernel Internals) so I've started out with Shock.

I don't have a tarred gzipped version of j2sdk, which I need for Gentoo, so managing without Java support on Firebird for now. Launchcast is wonderful, but won't run on non-IE browsers, which so TOTALLY sucks. I'm down to trying emulators now...

Finally setup MySQL & phpMyAdmin on Gentoo, to get ERA working. Was procrastinating that for quite sometime. Roger Federer's match was interesting to watch, he beat David Nalbandian 3 sets to 1. I slept halfway through the match..& then watched the rest of the match along with Enemy At The Gates.
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