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DC in, Agassi Out

Atlast managed to do some Distributed Computing.Still have most of it left, but hey I can say I did something. That's always the problem with 3 days gap in between exams... Too many other things to do. louiswu will die soon for suggesting Half-Life after such a long time. Really enjoyed the tennis today. Safin has amazing amounts of stamina & energy. Responded very well to each & every shot that Agassi played. Hats off to him. My only remaining interest in the Australian Open is Kim Clijsters, & lets see if she can manage her first Grand Slam title....not going to be easy with Justine Henin Hardenne around on the other side.

Now I'm wondering... My Creative SB-Live can record whatever I hear thru my speakers. What if I record Launchcast stuff ? :) I know I'll be violating something or the other (atleast half-a-dozen laws in the US ??) or maybe their ToS specifies I can't make copies...

Off to play Half-Life now.

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