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Weird Night & Apprehension

Some drunken ex-security guard was causing problems in our Apartment complex until about half an hour back... someone called the cops & by the time they arrived, this chap had vanished. Now our Bengaluru Mamas had to show some balls after arriving late, so they just caught the first security guard they found (our building chap) & unleashed the best Kannada I've heard at 0050 so damn loudly that half the complex would have heard. And they have to improve on their vocab of swear words.... He just went into an infinite loop using the same thing over & over again. Anyway, just like in the movies, these guys arrive a good 40 minutes after the call was made to the Control Room & then blame the guard saying "Why the hell didn't you catch him & keep ?" (Literal Translation hehe)

DC went on pretty well. It seemed like everything would be forgotten in the exam hall, but in fact I was able to recollect stuff (Distributed mutex Algo) & hey all of a sudden its 5 papers done, 1 to go. Time flies...

Another defeat for Kim Clijsters. Ok, there's always next time :) & then I'll be on the winning side with popcorn09 on the losing one. Yeah Yeah Justine, we're coming for the French Open. Vicious Circle.

Half-Life update : I'm on Apprehension. Of course I'm playing with cheats & for the storyline. The last time (about 3 years ago) I got to Surface Tension & gave up...this time I'm going to finish the game. In 3 years I haven't forgotten much of Half-Life at all :) The levels seem so familiar & comfy... I think I'll struggle a bit once I reach Surface Tension. I love those cool laser trip mines. Also the secondary fire on the Koch, which launches grenades. Detpacks rule too.

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