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Linux Kernel Internals

This was supposed to go up about 9 hours ago... but DIAS decided to sleep here goes.

struct task_struct
	volatile long state;
	long counter;
	long priority;
	int errno;
	int debugreg[8];

Phew. I remember something that I've learned over the past I don't know how much time.... I don't see the need to know the entire task structure of the Linux Kernel, but then thats what the VTU wants. Ok not the whole thing, but atleast 5. Yeah ok, you got 5 now. I was also wasting time trying to compare what has changed from the 2.2 kernel to the 2.4 kernel. Funny that we have to study the 2.2 when the 2.6 is the latest. Agreed that a University cannot update its syllabus so often, but when there are subjects like these, they should make an effort to update it more often & during the course.

Slept like a log in the afternoon, after reaching Surface Tension in Half-Life. I don't feel sleepy now & not in the mood to do memory management, so it maybe back to Surface Tension after all...

Update : I'm stuck somewhere in Surface Tension.

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