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Well, that was a nice vacation. The one week just flew by...

Ever had a shower under a waterfall ? Its an *amazing* you are being pelted by a hundred stones, but its damn soothing. At most places the waterfall is not too high, but the force of the water is simply breathtaking. Another thing I learnt on the trip is that we were a wonderful civilization. I had the oppurtunity to visit a temple, which is about 2500 years old & another well over 5000 years. The first one, is known for its amazing sculptures. There are quite a few of them in the temple & the most impressive feature is that each pillar in the temple has a sculpture & both the pillar and the sculpture are of the same stone i.e.; created out of a single stone. The state of some of the sculptures was sad, due to ageing & lack of maintanence.

Overall the countryside is a sad sight due to the failure of the monsoons....dams I had seen filled up to the brim with water 10 years ago are almost empty now & the fields of paddy are completely brown ...the earth seems to be screaming for water to quench its thirst...there have been better times for the people living there..& hope that this is just a passing phase...

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