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MAS Update...

The MRTS is amazing. The train is SO fast that you just can't think of getting on the train as it starts to move. Tickets are dead cheap & the train covers a distance of about 10 Kms in 8 mins. Average stop time in each station is about 5 secs... & boy she rips. Public response to the MRTS has been worse than lukewarm. But its a long term plan & I guess it'll do fine as time progresses.

The power plant visit was nice as well. rythm was scared of the height as usual. Since one of the engines were off for maintanence purposes, we were able to see its huge pistons & all its parts were all over the floor, being serviced. The other 3 were chugging away, producing close to 100 MW.

The Sewage treatment plant was amazing. It can work 24/7 but works only 18 hours a day coz there is NO sewage being pumped from the government/corporation center in the night. The plant purifies almost more than half of the city's sewage into pure water (Not advisable for drinking just coz its like distilled water....lacking in essential minerals)

I'm off now, dead tired... Rest later.

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