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Back Home :)

Oh boy, that was a nice trip. Enjoyed tons, rythm made it back in one piece (& without crying for mommy) thanks to Harry & myself. He would have gotten into some trouble in Pondy Bazaar but then the shopkeeper let him off ;) This was the first time in a LONG time that I did not miss Bangalore & Madras felt wonderful. It really felt nice to be there, the place felt nice, the weather wasn't too bad & the sheer size of Madras felt nice. B'lore is tiny in comparison.... now I know why B'lore ain't a "Metro". I'll take back all the bad-mouthing I've done about Madras in the past & I don't mind living there. Water is the major problem, with everyone getting just enough drinking water & using salty water for other purposes.

I got invited to Orkut by mrinal (who beat the other two lol), aivalli & popcorn09 & I joined up.... seems like a nice place, growing really big. Thanks for all the invites!

louiswu's got his 80 GB Hard Disk, so he's working on installing Gentoo & flicking my 2.5 GB Portage tree (ok ok, 1.7 GB of that came from zoneee to whom my Gentoo is dedicated to ;) ) 3 RWs are lying on my bed waiting to be picked up, each with about 640 MB of the Portage tree. I wasted a Mozilla Firebird Firefox (so used to calling it Firebird...) download, so I'll take that from louiswu. The icon is now simply sexy & am happy they found the right one. For a preview of a part of the icon & what the browser's all about look at this post by mannu.

Still need to work on some DBMS & my Website....

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