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The Joys of Waiting ?

The most boring/annoying part is waiting for something to happen. You're in a position to do nothing until "A" happens & the person who has to make "A" happen is just busy shifting his office. For some reason to top it off, there's apparently no phone number available for this person to contact the person who has a major role to play in "A". Now, how much time does it take in a corporate office to find out someone's phone number even if the person is 2400 kms away from you & shifting his office at the same time as you ? Aaaarrrggghh.

MySQL has no Foreign Key support for MyISAM tables, so I'll have to either switch to InnoDB tables or use the Foreign Key(s) without constraints such as on delete cascade which means if I decide to stick with MyISAM, I'll have to code those bits myself. I haven't decided on whether or not to switch tables.

Other things on the todo list include making my Website XHTML compliant. Any pointers on this one mannu ?

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