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Decided to switch to InnoDB tables. So here I am fully enthu about working on MySQL with InnoDB when I discover that I have everything other than InnoDB table support. There's bdb, ISAM, MyISAM but no InnoDB. And then I realise that there's this nice little USE flag for Gentoo called innodb which enables InnoDB support for MySQL.

So 1 hour 37 minutes later I'm done re-compiling MySQL with InnoDB support & then voila, MySQL refuses to start. After horsing around all over the place for about 2 hours, I realise that there's an important line missing in the config file, the one which tells MySQL where its databases are... So hey no wonder its refusing to start. Then spent quite sometime figuring out how to make phpMyAdmin convert my tables to InnoDB...& finally gave up on that for the day.

XHTML compliance didn't go on too well either, got bugged with the errors on the Validator so I've given that up for today as well. Some of those errors made zilch sense to me...maybe coz I was already too irritated with MySQL.

Distributed Proofreaders seems the best thing to work on right now, so I'm off now...

PS: After my Madras trip (which gave my comp a well deserved rest for a week, my GPU's fan ain't making funny noises anymore :) Feels nice to have a silent comp...

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