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At Last....

W00t!!! My Website is now completely XHTML 1.1 Compliant :))

A big round of thanks to mannu for this post & to bluesmoon for helping out by checking out the Validator errors & giving some real nice tips.

Last but not the least louiswu for harping like mad about compliance :) I'm going to join him soon. Feels so nice to be following standards.

In other news, Harry & myself managed to break a couple of things in the house while playing cricket. So there is now officially a ban in place for indoor cricket. A few of my favorite balls have disappeared (read confiscated by mom & current whereabouts unknown) & well.... thats that. You finally run out of luck in these matters ;) I'll find those balls someday...

Distributed Proofreaders seems to be down.... anyone else facing the same problem ?
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