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BLUG Meet, February 2004

Went to the BLUG meet yesterday with louiswu & helped out with registrations just like LB/2003. Seems we're going to set records for crowd clearance....managed to put everyone thru without much effort & time.

Brian Behlendorf gave an amazing insight into how Apache came into existence, right from the name & logo to how they sat down & decided that the work done by the NCSA Webserver was not lost. There were a few good questions as well & at the end of it was a special b'day cake for b'day boy achitnis. We did sing "Happy Birthday" although Atul threatened to ensure we wouldn't leave the hall alive.... ;)

Met prady, jessyleen, balaji, amoghavarsha, humanitybites, kingsly & the other usual people who're at almost every meet... came back & went to check out louiswu's new Kenwood system for his car & boy that's one amazing system. I came back & crashed after playing BM. Got Curse of Monkey Island from louiswu & so am off now to see if it works on 2k else will use ScummVM :)
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