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I hate to leave things (which aren't directly under my control) till the last minute. Once that happens, it just increases anxiety on an exponential?? basis till the task is done. Things might turn out nice today, we'll see.

I've decided to say tata to my Bandwidth this month. According to gkrellm I've blown 506 MB. According to BSNL, its close to 556 MB. Of course there was this "once in a while" windows browsing & as I'm writing this... Launchcast comes to mind. Now that would have surely blown up 50 ok, BSNL's not flicked off 50 MB. Now if they're billing me from the 11th instead of the 1st, I'm dead.

Seems this is userpic change week ? with mannu followed by rohandsa & then jace all changing userpics :)

Update : I was pretty much jobless, so decided to order Microsoft's free Security Update CDs from Shipping's supposed to begin in the first week of March...

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