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Power Cuts...

What happens if you take out Tanir Bavi (which is a barge mounted power plant, currently down for a week due to emergency maintenance work), Neyveli's Thermal Power & a couple more ?? The demand in the State exceeds supply & thus we have unscheduled power cuts throughout the day. I guess we didn't have power for something close to 7 hours.

I just got curious & was looking up some stats... According to a US Govt report , our generation has almost doubled from what it was in the 1990 (275 billion-kilowatt hours) to 533.3 billion-kilowatt hours in 2001. Consumption remains well below generation (doesn't actually seem that way here lol) & Thermal power is our main source of electricity followed by Hydro & then Nuclear.

BTW, when you're travelling to Madras by road from Bangalore, you shouldn't miss the Power Grid Corporation of India's Southern switching center. It really seems nice that we atleast have a proper National Grid for power & the whole country is supported on the grid. Another advancement I've seen is in the Telephone department.... Electronic exchanges, fully computerised.... & last but not the least ISRO (The site shows the date as 1 March, 104..seems they invented Time Travel too). Not everyone's been able to put satellites into space in 50 years. So yeah we're improving...we just need to keep at it.

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