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Charlize Theron Won :)) Billy Crystal was amazingly funny & I missed an hour in-between thanks to KPTCL. The power came back when they were giving the Best Director award... so yeah I did see Charlize get her award for Monster.

I missed this LJ meet, had to go out someplace else. Besides louiswu wasn't keeping well, & wouldn't be nice on my part giving haath to a dear friend & going off to an LJ-Meet ;) There's always next time....

3 hours without electricity were manageable. I was thinking about doing a Jigsaw puzzle, even started out & then gave up. 500 pieces & I've never completed it. Wonder if I should that shiny new 1000 piece one that I have... Now that would be fun. Finished Half-Life a couple of days back. Sort of a confused ending compared to the rest of the game & the last 4 levels sucked if you ask me. The Alien world were no fun compared to the Black Mesa facility. Especially levels like Surface Tension & Lambda Core were nice, with neat maps & overall "feel good" factor so to speak. Funny that louiswu's never finished Half-Life (started way before I did & gave up) I took the CD from him in like 2000/2001 ?. Harry took it from me in 2004 & finished it in 2004, 10 days, 8 hours a day, God mode. He finished it way before I did. In other gaming news Thief 3's official website is up & is a dirty flash site, so no I'm not going there. Wonder if I should play Deus-Ex (need to hunt for the CD someplace, I don't have it) or go work on the puzzle. Since there won't be power outages tomorrow (hopefully), I don't think I'm going to do either.

Oh & if you need good cheap food & don't mind Rice items, try out MTR's Instant Rice thingies. They're really nice if you have a microwave & yeah have a good taste & decent price (15 bucks a pack) & I guess one pack should be enough for one.

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