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Darn colds. I think I'm catching one. Its more of a flu than a cold, so its making me feel tired & sleep-deprived (I guess I actually am as well). AND there's nothing worth watching on TV. Why is there nothing worth watching when there's no one around to fight for TV space ??

So to pass time I did watch Karen Sisco. Didn't know she's the one who did the Spy Kids movies, Carla Gugino (now is that goo-gino or ju-gino ?) & yeah she plays a nice bombshell style US Marshal. Wonder if there's anyone like that actually on the force ;)

Anyone know of a decent Wallpaper site for actresses ?? I remember some amazing stuff on sidcarter's laptop at LB/2003 ;) High Res, neat things. Haven't been able to find any, so pointers to sites would be appreciated :) TIA.

I'm off to play BM & then maybe off to bed. Nothing to do for tomorrow, so hope there's something good on TV.

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