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Minority Report was really nice. I enjoyed the movie, except for the part where Tom's able to use his old eyes to gain access to his workplace after an all-points has been put out for him. As in..come're wanted for a crime & hey they still haven't revoked your access to your workplace... First thing I'd do is revoke access, but that's one of the prolly gazillion differences between Spielberg & myself ;)

I LOVE Formula 1. I've always been saying... Michael Schumacher is NOT going to give up anything & thanks to Harry, I woke up on time to see the Qualifying. You have to admit, the guy plays the game damn well & Ferrari have reached a point where they've been blending so well together as a team for the last couple of seasons. He's going onto win & I really don't see anyone beating him till he retires. A Ferrari 1-2 & I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race. I'd like to see how David "Sucker" Coulthard performs ;) for rythm's sake. hehehe

And yeah, I've forgiven. I've forgotten. Let's get everything back on track.

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