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Foster's Australian Grand Prix 2004, Melbourne

Ferrari 1-2 at Albert Park, nothing speshul in the race, almost predictable, apart from some really cool JPM takeovers & the pleasure of seeing the McLaren's engine kiss itself goodbye (dang, it should have been Coulthard's engine) & the new graphics showing the current & max engine RPMs (which first appeared in the US Grand Prix of 2002). I've decided to note down the names of all the GPs this season...just for fun ;) Hence the topic of the post.

Managed to catch Munna Bhai MBBS on Cable thanks to rythm & boy I've never had so much fun seeing a Sanjay Dutt movie... I'm not a great fan of his, but I've always liked the chap & this is one movie that can't be missed. It felt a little bit like Patch Adams, but can't take any credit away from Munna bhai & Circuit ;) Gracy Singh looks cute & fits into her role pretty well. This whole weekend has been movies, saw Courage Under Fire yesterday. I've seen it before but didn't fully remember what happened in the movie. Seeing the movie bought back thoughts about the Gulf-War & Operation Desert Storm.... & those 18 hour in front of the TV days, 800 Kms from the battlefield..watching Christiane Amanpour (then just a correspondent, now a division head) on CNN. Atleast that war was covered without any bias so to speak, unlike the last one.

emerged logjam-4.3.2, updated mysql to 4.0.18 couple of other apps as well.

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