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To Boldly go where no one has gone before....

After a longtime yesterday, there was a Star Trek on TV.... I was always a Star Trek fan, starting out with both Star Trek (very few episodes) & Star Trek : The Next Generation (almost all of it) & then Star Trek : Voyager (complete series). TNG simply ruled, Voyager was nice because of the advancement over TNG, the cooler engines, nicer weapons, better technologies & mainly coz they were stuck in the Delta Quadrant so on. Then comes Star Trek : Enterprise & poof... they take you back to 2151 AD with a Warp 5 engine ???? Come on, you're supposed to go ahead not back in time!!!! After seeing Warp 9 engines, a Warp 5 seems SO outdated.... Why oh Why did they decide to go back to keeping track of dates using April 16, 2151 rather that Stardate 51284.4 ?? To me it was just so totally disappointing. Nevertheless, I've decided to watch it as much as I can.

I'm going to try out Evolution in a while. After so many days of Thunderbird, I don't know if I'll switch to Evolution. Depends on a few things. I was also thinking if I should have chosen XFS as my filesystem over Reiserfs. Ah well.

Yesterday's match was amazing. The crowd was really nice. By the last over, I was standing in front of the TV & praying we don't lose ;) with Mom for company lol.

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