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Heights of Joblessness

Geez. Life without something to actually do feels really bad. I've managed to switch my site to PHP & in the process realised that starting a webpage with a blank line right on top breaks the Validator. Breaks as in the Validator refuses to then auto pickup DOCTYPE & Encoding..finally ends up saying can't validate.

I've decided to switch to Vim for all my website related work. Vim rulez. I was using Quanta earlier, but managed to mess it up & undock windows, now the whole interface is messed & although I spent about 45 mins trying to get the interface back to what it was, I wasn't very successful. I got colours working in my bash yesterday (thanks to louiswu who sent across his /etc/DIR_COLORS). For some funny reason I didn't have that file, nor a .bashrc. Framebuffer console is back, now that I have an un bootsplash-patched kernel 2.6.4 :) I love the console now. Framebuffer console is reason enough for me to switch to Vim ;)

I'll find something to work on for tomorrow (today rather) & I don't feel very sleepy now...

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