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Security Update CD February 2004

At last the CD I ordered here for kicks, arrived today. You've got to admit... Microsoft sure does know how to package & market stuff. As in, they've got the looks & the design... This update came in the form of a book like one of those things you carry when flying (to hold your air tickets...opens out like a book, with a pouch on either side, don't know what they're called) & has a CD on either side. CD on the left is the Security Updates for the Windows OS, dated Feb 2004. On the right, there's another CD which says "Free Antivirus & Firewall Software Trial CD" & has a one year free version of CA's eTrust & EZ Armor LE. Seems like Microsoft's basically saying "People, we will keep writing software thats going to be hit by Virii & easily penetrable by hackers to ensure that the Antivirus & Firewall industries have some nice business. So please, PLEASE protect yourself." LOL

On the backside, right at the bottom printed with maybe a size 2 font is this :

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA

One Microsoft Way ?? Maybe 1, Microsoft Way makes some sense... or are they saying "There's only one way & thats Microsoft's way" ??

I must be bonkers to write about this...

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