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At last

After one of the biggest screw-ups ever (in my life) & after running around last minute, reported in at Sify today for our project. Seems they want to go the Linux way too ;) They want us to re-write the software that they use in their iWay outlets (currently only on Windows) to Linux. I guess we'll be working on RedHat 9...

They've already started the project using wxWidgets and wxmozilla. But they don't mind if we use GTK. Now that GtkMozEmbed is around, I think we'll work using Glade for some nice & fast ?? UI work. Came back by Noon (& watched the loser match) as they still have to assign us workspaces & machines....which will prolly be done only by Monday/Tuesday.

Most of the PHP bits & the XML parsing are already done, so nothing much on those two things....

Off to college tomorrow...need to give the letter to the HoD. Oh yeah & after that need to submit Form-6 to the Revenue Office at the Jayanagar Shopping Complex for our names to be included in the Voters list. I wonder if I'll exercise my franchise for the first time this time ;)

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