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Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2004, Kuala Lumpur & the 4th ODI @ Lahore

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :

Kimi Raikkonen should prolly consider leaving McLaren instead of wasting his talent in such a screwed-up team ;) Again "Sucker"s' car finished the race while poor Kimi was left with a blown engine, 2/2. rythm would have been mighty pleased with that >:) Overall a nice race, some nice overtaking by the BAR guys & even Webber. No comments on Ferrari ;) They just rule.

Lahore, Pakistan:

Boy what a match. This is certainly a match that I won't forget for a long time to come. Dravid & Kaif saved the day with some calm batting & in the end they had 5 overs to spare ;) Must have been real ass-burn for the pakis on losing this one in they fashion they did... These young paki bowlers need to learn how to respect batsmen of the class of Dravid, Tendulkar et all & not stare as if that will make the Indians pee in their pants. Grow up Shoaib, Sami & gang.

I have tons of work to do tomorrow. Since I won't be going to Sify, I'll have to take the car & have it serviced, book some railway tickets & brush up on some Glade...

Finally got printing up on Gentoo today. I'd done most of it a few days back had cupsd up & running as well.... just was too lazy to setup the printer & test it, which I've done today & it rocks ;)
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