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21 & Counting ;)

Seems like yesterday, but 21 years have gone by.... & so far, Life has been wonderful :) Fair share of ups & downs.... had a long talk with mom yesterday about lots of things. Moms Rule :) Simply Rule.

Nothing special today as such, apart from the tons of wishes from my LJ (teemus, balaji, aivalli, mannu, sumit_mittal, code_martial, premshree hope I didn't miss anyone ;) ) & RL Friends (popcorn09, rythm, louiswu), as well as a few dozen phone calls & e-cards... thanks ppl, you made my day :) & of course the Indian Cricket team decided to give me a nice lil present as well, what a nice match. Whatever you fix, you prolly can't ever fix an Inzy sixer & more importantly you cannot fix Tendulkar's catch..that was simply awesome.

I've been running up & down to Rajajinagar over the last 2 days to enquire about the health of my Palio & well the mechs at Sundaram Motors haven't yet fixed the problem. "Sir the vibrations are down by 80%" they say..... Last option is to replace the Left front Wheel Bearings & that'll be done tomorrow. Hopefully that fixes the problem & I won't have to endure a freaking hour long bus ride & a 5 min Auto ride again...

My talk on Gentoo at this month's BLUG meet has been confirmed. Details here. Now I'm all fired up & excited.... I'm also wondering if mannu, aivalli & the rest of the LJ geek gang will be around ;)

Lastly, Gnome 2.6's release has been delayed by a week to March 31st after intrusions were detected on their servers.
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