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After 2 days of trying to get Mozilla working with proper GTK2 support, finally managed to do that, after a clean install of RH 9 (thank god for the separate /home idea), went ahead & compiled Mozilla 1.6 as per the instructions here & it worked like a beauty. Finally have GtkMozEmbed starting up & initialising stuff properly. Rest to be done in the days to come. The actual work begins now...

theju was his usual "tenshun" best (because we weren't able to get GtkMozEmbed working in the morning). The guy seriously needs to take things easy. Thank god he's not interested in becoming a scientist, or he'll keep thinking about things that don't work all his life long.

Which brings me to the question, How many of you working people out there really can put a full-stop to office life outside of the office ? As in, when you leave the office, you should just forget about that elusive bug & get on with life...tomorrow's another day right ? I've decided that I will put in effort into this. However big the issue, no point sitting & working for like 8-10 hours & coming home, thinking about the same thing.... (Hint, Hint theju)

Wonderful Match. Now the Pakis are showing their true colours by doing things like saying "It's a batting track, nothing for the bowlers" (Yeah right, India batted well, they're bowling wonderfully. You can't bat & bowl, shut up. Don't blame the pitch. After all its your country you're playing in) & complaining against Umpire Simon Taufel, who has really been wonderful in this series...his LBW decisions are really really spot on. Be sporty, losers & don't raise a hue & cry over nothing. The track for the next test match is going to be 'Bowler Friendly" so lets see how Shoaib, Sami & Co. do there. Looosers.

Update : This article at Cricinfo more than adequately sums up my feelings.

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