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Its Raining (or rather Pouring)

Went to college for next to nothing....decided we ( Harry, louiswu, myself, rythm & theju) will give our seminars on the 24 of this month. Now that gives me something like 22 days to prepare for the seminar as well as write the documentation.

Pretty nice day at Sify too. The last two days have been productive. Harry & theju cleaned up GTK code while I was playing with Sockets and HTTP headers which brings me to this doubt... How do you terminate an HTTP connection ? Say I telnet to LJ, I'd do this :

telnet 80
GET /users/fox2mike HTTP/1.1

This will get me my Journal. Now how do I do a proper quit ? What is the command or sequence of \r\n if any that signals a disconnect from the server ?

Can't wait to see the Gulf Air Bahrain GP's qualifying session. In other news, Kimi's bad luck continues, which means there may not be the excitement that guys like Kimi can cause in a race... but you never know. New track, New race :) Would be a nice experience.

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